Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to off windows 7 USB (universal serial bus) port?

Suppose many important thinks can be having in your computer. Such as important file or important papers. But you have been feeling your computer is not secured. This important file or papers can be stolen. That why an illegal man does not transfer important files or papers by USB (universal serial bus) port. If your computer is not secured for you please then off the USB port. So that illegal man does not transfer file or papers by USB port. Windows users 7 users flow the instruction for off the USB (universal serial bus) port. My compute → click right buttons of the mouse → manage. Management windows will be open. Then select device management. Now click universal serial bus controllers select from the subcategory. It will be shown some port. Also it will be shown USB Root Hub. Click right of the mouse on this port & click the disable button. It can be good to know do not disable the mouse or keyboard USB port.