Friday, January 17, 2014

Are your computer speeds slow?

We face some problem to do work in our computer or laptop. If there face problem in computer you will be first task restart the computer. It solves so many problems. If create problem connected device of the computer restart the device.  If do not work disconnected the device from the computer. Connected again if it does not work. Uninstall the device software & download software from the internet & install the software. Till now computer slow your first work will be mark the problem. It may not your computer problem to see video in the net continuing buffering or slow internet speed. It Semmes to be computer problem then see the hard disk. Is there having no enough space. If there no enough space then empty some space especially that drive install the operating system. It will be better if you install the diskmax software in your computer. The address http://goo.g1/rgcY4Q install the software by the address. It will be clean recycle bin, installation remnant, temporary file, cookies, cash cookies, unexpected file etc. also clean the hard disk. The solution for slow speed Microsoft configuration tools. So many have that with the run of computer it will run automatically & takes extra time result compute becomes slow. For that windows key+ R → msconfig → Enter.Unmark the unexpected item. But do not unmark the Microsoft Corporation