Sunday, December 22, 2013

Smart phone will be locked from far

Mind will be sorrow if your favorite phone gone lost. There is no bound of tension if its touch evil man. But it can control you after lost. It can be locked from far by a new password of android operated smartphone. The phone location can be identifying. Personal information can be erased. By the following steps you can do it. It has added excellent services by the Google android. Lost mobile, Tablet location besides alarming. 

To get this opportunities click android mobile or tablet device manger remotely locked your device reset mark this two option.  after scan it can be got three option Ring, Lock, & Erase. To send new lock code clicks lock option & create new password & confirm it. On the smartphone screen it will be shown a key pad. If you want to open the lock now its need new confirm password. If your android phone keep airplane mood it will be connect with the connect of the network. By this system we can control after lost mobile