Saturday, December 21, 2013

Control your computer by mobile phone from remote location

Suppose you want to work in the laptop or computer. But In this time your mouse or keyboard has become inactive. What will you do? Then only one way at your hand. If your mobile phone is android operated you may easily control your computer or laptop. Have a seat & follow me you need android operated mobile widows 8 operated laptop or computer or both windows 8 operate software visit this site download the software & install for mobile & computer. To connect phone to computer you have to go windows 8 server & apps control software open. It becomes run you can see option or help. It has to connect mobile & computer. The computer will show local ip address (Internet protocol) below this window. You may arrange settings from options. Now press windows 8 start button. Turn on the wi fi network for the mobile phone & run the apps. Auto connects press then mobile & computer will be connected. If do not connect then you have to understood that it has problem of your mobile or laptops wi-fi networks. To avoid that click manual connect & use local ip address of the computer & next step follow. It will be connected. It will be arranged automatically of those apps. If you minimize the window it will be show right of the task bar. Phone apps panic button (! Sign) start menu, Desktop menu, windows 8 will be show here. Now select your task & control it from remote location.