Thursday, January 23, 2014

Windows 8.1 can be enjoy with free

Microsoft Corporation has released windows 8.1 in last years on October by adding some new items. Anyone can be getting fill test of Windows 8.1 with free. It can be installed from the internet by editing Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation Image.  It can use for 90days.

How installed windows 8.1 from the internet?

Address for the 32 bits operating computer http://goo.g1/D5jii the file size is 2.63 GB. Address for the 64 bits operating computer http://goo.g1/Swn88U the file size is 3053GB. Using Microsoft Hotmail or live id from the TechNet evaluation center & Enterprise windows 8.1 can be downloading by this addresshttp://goo.g1/RC97t.

  How install windows 8.1?

Windows 8.1 can be installing two ways. In blank disk this image can burn as ISO or bootable. Another one way is 4GB capacity pen drive has to be bootable. To do pen drive bootable downloads this tool by this Address http://goo.g1/exhZKV

How it Activate?

To get this operating system your computer has to connect to the internet for once. After connect computer to internet press Windows key+s & write active windows. From here click active windows online. Wait for the sometimes it will be shown right side of the desktop license for 90 days.