Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Some popular add-ons on Mozilla Firefox of last year


Mozilla Firefox foundation finds out best Add-ons every month. Last year’s 13 Add-ons on the list.
URL link: Its definitely  helps open in the browser such as broken any web link or do not work any web link.
Click & clean: It clean all history such as browsing or download temporary internet file & so on.
Self-destructing cookies: Except likened link other site cookies erased automatically.
Clear CONSOL: These Add-ons are the solution for whom that erased browsing history, cash, cookies html5, storage.
New tab plus: If you open new tab there got will be gotten speed dial, could & could back up manager.
Video Resumer: By these Add-ons where you end watching video in YouTube from there video will be started.
Reload plus: For the experience browser who want to work with web page reload.
Stylish: Thyme's & screen can be installed as your wish on Facebook & Google.
Fasted search: Tab page or tab plane text, Word, Regular Expression can be searched at fast speed.
Google/ index Search link fix: It obstruct showing search result link if you click.
S3 Google translator: It translates more than 50 language selected word or translate web page in the Firefox.       
Blue hell Firewall: It helps you blog internet adds so it is the easy & alternate way.
X-notifier: If comes new mail on your account then it check it & inform you.
All above add-ons can be getting by this address