Saturday, January 4, 2014

Information transfer one computer to another computer an easy method

ne computer to another computer transfer file, Song, Movie, Email, Photo, Folder & so many things you can be own software easy transfer of windows operating system. It is very useful if operating install & with the change of computer. For do that log in & in search box write windows easy transfer → enter or windows key + R→Run→ migwiz → enter. To come window of easy transfer → next. From here external herd drive or USB flash drive select → this is my old computer. It will be starting to scan all computer users’ account & also public profile. Beside this document will be showing how much space is taken. Unnecessary items you may unmarked to click custom page. If you think file size is so big then you can do that. If you want to only transfer information then unmarked shared item next → next step for safety need password → save → select external hard disk or pen drive. Now turn on the new compute & connect the external herd drive or pen drive. Like before open the software of easy transfer program & select this is my new computer & press yes window & windows easy transfer item from old computer & select the file. Enter the before password & click transfer. All information will be transfer new computer.