Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Store your Site bookmark

To see site software (browser) regularly visit that site to see later the site can be bookmark. In this Spars desert site connecting link store in the bookmark after that address to write one or two letters automatically come from bookmark to the address bar. You no need to remember the site name. Most of the world famous browser system for bookmark.  But bookmark will be erased or delete with install windows or install of new browser. So store the necessary site name in the bookmark that it can be apply later.  For Mozilla Firefox site name write address bar the Press ctrl+d. It will come bookmark window write site name then click ok.  Like this you may store Bookmark I hope you will be flow me. Now click the side of the Mozilla Firefox button click bookmarkthen Import & backup. Select the location where are you wanted to save it? Select ok. The bookmark will be save it .Jason extension.  Now if you uninstall or Delete the fire fox. You do not have to tension About site. With the install of fire fox you do not have the write the site name. Now click bookmark > import &backup> Choose file. .Jason extension ok. The bookmark will be imported.