Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Search file in google at high speed.

 Google is the more powerful search engine than what think of general peoples. Nice done work of file search by own program or by using (third party) extension of other institution. Search for your liked thing first write site then that site name & the write whatever you search. Such as site:www.invention24hours.blogspot.com/fastspeedinternet.

 if you want to free download anything you can do that by using Google. Such as any android apps or APK file write inul:htm-inul:html intitle”index of’apk. Like this various kind of audio, Video, Movie, File & E-book can be search & download. For the unknown things follow by the tips. In the search box write how to jailbreak in iPhone & erased jailbreak word. How to iPhone below the search box will be shown some tips. If you want to compare between two things then you may write vs between two sentences.  Such as Samsung vs iPhone. If you want to enter any down web page then what will be you do? To find out that link in the search box write cache the site address.