Friday, December 27, 2013

Keyboard will be done work of mouse

Suppose you have to do some necessary task by the computer. You sate to do the in your computer. But in this moment your computer’s mouse is inactive. Mouse does not work. But your works have to be finished. If you know the technique you can do the work in your computer despite inactive of mouse. In this time keyboard will be taken responsibility of mouse.

For the windows xp: my compute→ control panel→   view by →   classic view select. Click accessibility option from the list. From here use mouse keys mark→   apply→   OK & exit here.

For windows 7: control panel→ view by →   large icon select. Ease of access center→   make the mouse easier to use click. It will be come new window & mark→    turn on mouse keys. Click setup mouse key & pointer speed select keep middle point between low & high. Now apply→ OK. For the courser movement you become sure aren’t your Num lock is on or off. If is it off?  Then on it.  To courser move right use 4 for left use 6 for up use 8 & for down use 2. For the right button use 5. Keyboard will be done work of mouse of desktop computer. Num lock & numeric is absent so many laptop. It is only do that laptop have numeric key pad. With the connect of new mouse of the computer according to the before rules it has to be unmarked of turn on mouse keys.