Sunday, December 15, 2013

At Fast Speed send File, Song by Smart

Operated android smart phone send file or song by Bluetooth to other phone. But it takes long time transferring file or song to other phone. Wireless WI- fi network this file or song can be send at high speed. To do this first work is your smart phone need ES explorer download from at Google play store. Then open the explorer & click fast access. Then tools > manager > create hotspotnetwork. 

Now it will be hotspot & id (ES_XXXX) & shows password. Now file give & receive that phone explorer open & like before net manager > join a network select. Now from network list before phone shows id click that pk. Enter password & connect the link. That file you want to transfer to other phone select that & click send of the explore. Another one will be getting file save request select folder then OK. If you want to send song from gallery that song select that are want to send then click send by LAN. Like this way you can be fend file or song at high speed to other.