Saturday, December 7, 2013

Are your Internet connection becomes slow.

Are your internet connection become for unknown cause. It can be harmful malware & adware or it can be processing other. By using netstate sign you can know which reason it has slow. For windows 7 click start menu& write cmd.exe click right on the mouse from here click run as administrator & open that user account control > yes. Command prompt will be open here netstate –abfn 5 > activity.txt > Enter
From netstate –abf become not separate & space 5. A means all connection & lessening B will be inform you which application is used. F informs you each separate connection & N show you IP address. 5 Inform you what happened each 5 seconds. Press enter after two minutes press from keyboard CTRL+C data recording will be stop. From here type activity.txt & press enter it will be shown on notepad which processing is running inform you details which site becomes more slow. So many process works for function. So drought full process you may control by task manager. CTRL+ALT+ Delete